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  1. How do I get the app?

    You can download it here for Android™ or here for Fire phone or here for iPhone®.

  2. Does it cost anything?

    No, it’s free for all Android™, Fire phone and iPhone® users.

  3. What if I want to see my Daily Vroom in Spanish?

    Changing the language for your Daily Vroom is simple. Follow these instructions to select your language preference:

    On iOS:
    The app will display in your device's language. To change this setting:
    1. Exit the Daily Vroom app.
    2. Tap Settings on your device's Home Screen.
    3. Tap General.
    4. Tap International.
    5. Tap Language.
    6. Tap to select English or Spanish, then tap Done.
    7. Launch the Daily Vroom app again to use the app in your selected language.

    On Android:
    The app will display in your device's language. To change this setting:
    1. Open the Daily Vroom app.
    2. Tap the Settings icon on the top left of your screen.
    3. Tap App Settings.
    4. Tap Language.
    5. Tap to select English or Spanish.

  4. Do I need to create an account?

    Yes you do, but for your benefit. The account makes sure Daily Vroom can deliver you the best age appropriate tip for you and your child. You can also add more than one child. The account makes sure all of the progress you make can be saved.

  5. I’m trying to sign in, but my username or password isn’t working. What’s going on?

    Check to make sure you are using the same service to log in as when you created your account. If you used Facebook, sign in with Facebook. If you used Google, sign in with Google.
    If you are still unable to sign in, go to the Sign In page, tap ‘Forgot Password?’ and we’ll send you a link to reset your password.

  6. I forgot my password, what now?

    On the Sign In screen, tap ‘Forgot Password?’ We will send you an email with a link to reset it right away.

  7. How do I get my Vroom?

    That’s the beauty of Daily Vroom - you can open the app, make sure you’re on the ‘Today’s Vroom’ tab and see a unique tip based on the age of your child.

  8. I want a different Daily Vroom today, why do I only get the one?

    The app gives you one brain building activity a day. However, if you don’t like the one featured on ‘Today’s Vroom,’ head over to ‘Pick Your Own’ for a specific place or time of day. You can choose from one of the categories such as “Meal Time” or “On the Bus.” Once you’ve tried the app, think of some brain building moments on your own or check out some of your ‘Completed.’ And come back to the app tomorrow for another.

  9. What’s a Vroom ID? Do I need to add a photo?

    A Vroom ID is a picture of you and your child and is not mandatory. It just helps to personalize the experience. You can check out your Vroom ID at the top of your badge hub where you can see all of your progress.

  10. Are my photos private? Will they be shared with anyone?

    Nothing is shared automatically. Photos will only be shared if you want.

  11. How do I change my child’s age once I’ve set it?

    Head over to the settings tray, and tap ‘App Settings.’ The first option is your child’s info. Tap here to update your info and hit ‘Update’ to save your settings. You can also add another child if you wish.

  12. Can I get reminders for my Daily Vroom?

    Yes! There is an alert that you will receive to let you know your Daily Vroom is ready. Feel free to turn this on/off or even adjust the time you receive it by heading to the settings tray and tapping ‘App Settings.’ This allows you to receive the app at a time that is good for your schedule.

  13. If I log out do I lose my progress?

    No. It’s all stored and will be back when you log in next.

  14. How can I share a Vroom with my friends and family?

    You can easily share Vroom activities with a friend or family member several ways. You can share by SMS, or on a social network like Facebook or Twitter. To share a Vroom, head to the ‘Completed Vroom’ tab, pick one, and then tap ‘Share.’ To share a badge, tap the oO button, which takes you to the Badge Hub. From there, choose the badge you’ve earned and tap ‘Share.'

  15. Is this actually helping my child’s brain develop?

    Yes. These activities help spark connections in their brains that they need for development and future learning. Check out the Brainy Background on each Vroom to see what skills are being developed!

  16. What is the Brainy Background?

    The Brainy Background provides some scientific background on why and how that Vroom is good to practice with your child. Things like repetition, counting, and so on all help your child’s mind grow.

  17. What if I want to redo a Vroom?

    Head over to the ‘Completed’ section where you will find all of the activities you have done before. Pick any Vroom and tap ‘Do it again.’

  18. Where can I see all of the badges I’ve earned?

    Tapping the oO button in the upper right hand corner will bring you to the Badge Hub. Here you can see all of the badges you’ve previously won, the badges you’re working on, and what level brain builder you are! You can also tap any greyed out badges and see what you need to do to earn them.

  19. How do I turn off notifications?

    To turn off notifications, go to the settings tray. From there tap ‘App Settings’ and just uncheck the box next to ‘Push Notifications.’ If you would rather change the time you get your notification, tap ‘When To Get Notifications’ to choose whatever hour is most convenient with your day.

  20. How can I send feedback about the app?

    From within the app, head to the settings tray, tap ’Give Feedback,’ and type in your message. When you finish, tap ‘send’ and we’ll get it! Otherwise, email us at We really appreciate your feedback since it helps us learn how people are using Daily Vroom, while helping us find out if there is anything we can enhance or update in future releases.

  21. I’m still having issues with the app. Who can I contact for help?