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The brain develops most rapidly during the first five years of life.

The Brain Story

There is no time in life when the brain develops more rapidly than during the first five years. So by building children’s brains from the earliest ages, you’re actually shaping the foundation for future learning. Here’s a glimpse at all that’s taking place inside your baby’s brain!

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  • A Brand New Brain

    Every baby is born with a brain that contains billions of neurons.

  • Ready For Anything

    From day one, those neurons connect—and the brain begins to get wired for life.

  • Learning Like Lightning

    The brain is wired to grow - in the first five years, it makes 700 neural connections every single second!

  • Communication Is Key

    Above all, there’s one thing that helps young brains grow strong: adult-child relationships.

  • Hi, Baby

    Even kids that can’t yet talk are looking, listening and relating to you non-stop.

  • You Are A Brain Builder

    Every time you interact with a child you’re doing something major: shaping a growing mind.

  • Nurture Future Greatness

    The first five years are when the brain builds its foundation—so kids can thrive as adults.

  • Vroom!

    We know this for sure: learning doesn’t start at school…it begins at birth.

  • It Begins With You

    Learn how to be a brain-builder.